Making a Quick Quote Picture

I use Picmonkey a lot for this blog.  I use it to make all my collages because of the ability to do a little bit of photo editing (like fixing the contrast or brightness when one picture is taken in light that is different from the rest), and the ability to add text to my pictures.  I love that even the free option (which I currently use) is full of features.

Last night I finished reading The Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut, and one of the quotes near the end really stuck out to me, so I wanted to make a quick quote picture for it, and I thought you might like to see how simple it is to make!  (Note:  This is just me showing you something I use.  This is NOT a sponsored post.)

Step 1:  Set Up

Step 1

First you need to decide what kind of project you want to do.  Usually I pick “collage,” but for today’s project I picked “design.”  Once you make you choice, the page will open and you can pick the canvas color.  I picked black because I wanted something fairly stark looking.  One of my favorite options is that you can make the canvas transparent.

Step 2:  Add Text

Step 2

Next I typed up my quote.  In order to get to the text options, select the “T” on the let side of the screen.  I chunked it into different parts based on the phrasing, and changed the font for the different parts.  You can type it all up as one text box and change within that, but I prefer to make each chunk its own text box.  This makes it easier to change my font as I go.  I am not really great font mixer, but I like to contrast thin cursive options with chunkier print options.  For this picture I had three fonts because I wanted “love” to be different from everything else.

Step 3:  Embellish

Step 3

Once I was happy with my fonts, I picked the overlay options to add just a little pop of color.  Overlays are the butterfly icon on the left.  I wanted a heart and an arrow and that was it.  I played around with the doodled hearts until I found one I liked.  Then I added the arrow and right clicked on it to send it behind the text and heart.  I considered adding more embellishments, but I decided not to because I wanted the focus to really be the word “love,” and doing more would probably detract from that.

Step 4:  Save

Screenshot (10)

Across the top of your work space are a few options such as merging the layers.  This is also where you select “save.”  Once you decide to save, the left side menu will change so you can name and save.  Once saving is done, you will be back at the work space.  You can work some more after you save, but once you navigate away from the page, your work is lost.  It’s also important to know that the site doesn’t automatically save the progress of your work, so make sure you’re saving as you go, especially on a larger project.

Once you’re done, your image is complete and ready to use.  I did this when I woke up this morning and the entire project, screenshots and all, only took me about 10 minutes (but of course I’ve done this before and knew exactly what I wanted and where to find it).  Do you use any sort of photo editing/designing sites?  What do you like and why do you like it?  I would have never found pickmonkey if a friend hadn’t shown it to me, so I’m always willing to try something new!

Love Quote Vonnegut


Quote Me

Today it’s time for another “fun” post.  One of the things I was doing this time last summer was preparing for school to start.  Before I moved to Arizona, I was an English teacher, and I always had some sort of crazy plans that I wanted to accomplish during the year.  Last summer it was book quotes.

“Book quotes?” You might be thinking.  “What does that even mean?” Well, the plan was simple.  I was going to find some of my favorite inspirational/moving/beautiful quotes from books I loved, print them out, and hang them on one wall in my room.  I was going to add to it all year.  I was going to encourage students to suggest new quotes to add as they read throughout the year.  It was going to be a wall you could look to for your next book, for some sound advice, or just to enjoy.

So, of course, it didn’t actually happen.  Last summer turned out to be harder than anticipated, and I spent nearly all of it fixing up the house so we could sell it;  In fact, almost exactly one year ago we went on the market.  So, everything was packed into nice boxes, and the materials I would have used for the project were hidden away.  I still kind of used the idea, though.  All of my students were given post-it notes to grab from as they read and we stuck them to a quote bulletin board.  Sadly, I did it for points, so some quotes were less inspired than others.

So today I wanted to share some of my favorite quotes I pinned while I was still working on this idea, and encourage you to check out the books they are from.  Let’s get started.

You can find all of these pins on my Book Quotes board.

First up:  Harry Potter

Harry Potter Quote

harry potter quote

I loved the Harry Potter books.  I worked release parties for the last two, and those are some of my happiest work memories of all time. These books are wonderful to read to your children, and you’ll have a lot of time to do that because there are seven very long books. I have seen kids who claim to hate reading enjoy Harry Potter.  It truly is remarkable how much a kid must love a story to overcome their hate of reading to read 700 pages.

Next: Anne of Green Gables

Anne of Green Gables

I love Anne Shirley, but that might have something to do with her being a feisty red head.  Anne is set in Canada around the turn of the century. She is an orphan who has been adopted by a couple that thought they were getting a boy to help out at their farm.  This is a story about learning who you are and coming of age.  This is also part of a series, but I really only liked the first three or so.  Toward the end I didn’t love the series.

How about: Invisible Monsters

Invisible Monsters

This one is certainly NOT a kids book.  A while back my book club read Invisible Monsters, and it was crazy, and messed up, and totally amazing all at once.  This is not a book for the light hearted.  It stars a model that has had half her face shot off. I really can’t say too much about this book as going on the journey is part of the twisted fun.

And finally:  The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars

This book is a teenage love story.  Oh, and there’s cancer.  Have a box of tissues on hand.


What are your favorite stories or quotes?  I had a hard time choosing.  This post could have easily had all 30+ of the quotes on my board and I’d still feel like I wasn’t doing books justice.  I haven’t mentioned To Kill a Mockingbird, or Game of Thrones, or any other of 100s of books.  Please share your favorites with me!