Boot Camp One Week Workout

I get bored easily with workouts, so it’s important to me to find things that change the routine and keep me interested.  Sometimes it’s hard to find those workouts, so I”m grateful for the one week workouts I find that help me bridge the gaps.  This boxing boot camp is one of those bridging workouts.  Check this out here, or my pin on my Let’s Get Physical board.
Boot Camp Challenge


One thing I really liked about this workout was that you didn’t need any sort of equipment.  It’s literally just punching and kicking.  I’m sure you could do it with some weights in your hand if you felt so inclined.  Another thing I liked was that there were videos to show proper form and technique for each move.  Sometimes I do a workout and I’m not sure what it is they want me to do, so I go searching for answers.  No need to do that here.  Everything was laid out perfectly.  This is also nice because you knew which variation of a move they wanted.  I have seen a zillion different takes on a burpee, so it was good to know which one of those they meant.

The first day I did this I kind of felt like, “that’s it?”  But as I worked through the week, I understood how each day was building on the last.  I wouldn’t necessarily call this a “boot camp” kind of workout, but it did give me the solid basics of a boxing based workout.  One thing I wish it had was a link to how to continue on with the workout if you wanted more once the seven days were over.  I really enjoyed this workout, but had nowhere to go once I was done with it.

Overall, I would recommend this for anyone looking for a quick workout that is also fun and builds from day to day.  It was a nice bridge between workouts, but I wish there had been more.