The House

We currently reside in a 900 square foot house on a corner lot.  The house is 2 bed, 2 bath and has a detached 2 car garage.  We have a front yard and two side yards, all fenced in and technically separate from each other.  The house is a rental, so some of the things we might want or like to do are not an option since we do not own the house.  You won’t be reading about any sort of major renovating or decorating projects since we cannot paint or anything “permanent” like that, but you will see some other decorating projects such as art or furniture renovation.  Since we live in the high desert, landscaping can be challenging.  We cannot make any major landscaping changes, but even gardening is going to be a bit of a challenge as we will need to “forget” everything we learned about gardening in the Midwest, and learn how to handle the soil and temperatures here.


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