The Dogs

We adopted our first dog in 2009.  We knew that we wanted to rescue a retired racing greyhound.  All of our dogs have been adopted from the fabulous American Greyhound.  Check out their site for more information about greyhounds if you are interested in knowing more about the breed or wish to adopt one.



Our first greyhound came off the track named “Killer Dragon,” which we promptly changed to Cobalt.  We adopted him in October of 2009.  He had a great personality and got along well with all of our foster dogs.  Cobalt moved to Arizona in August of 2013.  In November of 2013 the husband noticed a growth on his leg and we began the process of determining what was happening, cancer being the most likely diagnosis.  In December of 2013, while the husband and I were on a weekend trip to North Carolina, Cobalt passed away at the kennel.  An autopsy revealed that he had a tumor on his heart that has burst, killing him almost instantly.   He was a perfect first dog for us and inspired us to continue adopting greyhounds.

Cesium and Radium

Caesium RADIUM

Prior to my move to Arizona, Cesium and Radium were adopted.  While I was able to meet the dogs, the husband was only able to interact with them over Skype.  I picked up the boys the night before I began the drive to Arizona.  Cesium was shy at first and took a while to warm up to both me and the husband.  When he plays, you can see a little bit of the puppy in him.  He just recently turned 2.  Radium is an instant lover.  He leans up on you, begging to be pet.  He hops when he plays, but is a little bit slower as he is older than Cesium (he’s 7).  The boys get along well with each other and enjoy running up and down the side yard together.


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