August Birchbox Review

It’s that time again!  It feels like I’ve had my August box forever, but that’s probably because it came hot on the heels of my wayward July box.  August had some excellent samples, so let’s get to it!

August Birchbox

1.  R + Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo (Full size:  $17-29):  As I’ve discussed before, dry shampoo is one of those things that I see the use for, but don’t personally use all that much.  This was a decent dry shampoo, but I preferred my previous sample, and would purchase that before this one.  It simply wasn’t the perfect dry shampoo for me, but I’m certain it is the perfect one for someone else.

2.  Supergoop! Advanced Anti-Aging Eye Cream SPF 37 (Full size:  $45):  When I read the description of this cream I was excited about what it promised, but was unsure it could really deliver.  Because you need so very little of this cream to coat your under-eye, this small sample lasted me a week.  I was happy to see that it really did depuff for me.  I think it also reduced my dark circles, but because I didn’t take pictures to compare, I can’t be sure it wasn’t just me wanting to love this product.  I would probably buy this product because it delivers and a little will go a long way.

3.  LAQA & Co Charm School Kit (Set of 3 $20):  This product was thick and creamy, and it was easy to apply.  However, my sample was an orange/coral sort of color and it just did NOT work on me.  It looked pretty terrible with my complexion.  The other colors might be better for me, but I wouldn’t purchase this since I know for a fact that one third of the set won’t be right for me.  However, I’d be willing to try out more products from this company, and if purchasing the colors individually was an option, I might consider it then as well.

4.  Air Repair Complexion Boosting Moisturizer (Full size:  $20):  I LOVED this product.  I was so excited to get another moisturizer to try out because of my very dry climate.  I really liked how my skin felt and looked after applying this product.  It really felt like a treat for my skin.  I will be purchasing this product.

5.  Curly Hair Solutions Silk Leave-in Conditioner (Full size:  $18):  This product alone made this box amazing.  I am always looking for great products for curly hair.  I hate crunchy hair, and I hate how my hair is often dry.  I tried out this leave-in on its own and with other products.  I was amazed how fabulous my hair looked when I just used the conditioner.  I will be buying this product, I’ve already recommended it to my family members, and I can see this becoming a staple in my hair routine.  I will even be checking out other products they produce because I loved this that much!

There you have it!  This was an AWESOME box!  Two products I can’t wait to purchase, one product I will probably get around to, a company that I’m interested in (even if the one product wasn’t my color).

Want to check out Birchbox yourself?  You too can get five samples a month for just $10 each month.  Follow my referral link, give it a try, and let me know what you think!


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