Planner Stickers

Recently I was on the lookout for a new planner, so I started researching my options.  I am very picky about what I want in a planner and it changes regularly.  I bought my last planner back in January, and thought it was a good fit for my new lifestyle.  However, after using it for 6 months, I decided there were some issues that made it less than perfect.  So I hunted.  During that hunt I watched  a lot of planner reviews on YouTube and read a lot of reviews on blogs.  Slowly I got sucked into the “planner community.”  I ended up purchasing my planner from May Designs, but I couldn’t stop thinking about everything I had seen and read.  I had to get into planners like all of those ladies were!

In order to fully immerse myself in the craziness that is the planner community, I have ordered some stickers.  The first stickers I ordered came in this week, and it was pretty exciting!  I ordered from Sweet Ava’s Paper, and was very happy.  First, some technical background.  I had ordered from two other shops, and was a little concerned that none of those had shipped yet.  So when I decided I wanted to also order from Sweet Ava’s, I messaged her to check whether or not items would arrive before I left on my trip to Indiana.  She was super easy to chat with, responded to my questions quickly, and totally delivered on her promise.  I ordered from her on Aug 17, and got the order on the 24th.  I ordered three items:  two theme sheets and a “grab bag.”  Let’s take a look!

First up are the specific sheets I ordered plus the small sample she sent me as well.

Sweet Ava Order Part 1

The image in the upper right corner is the sample set she sent.  It’s a nice combination of colors, and they are intended to be boarder stickers.  In the middle is Pink and Navy Coffee Cups.  I liked the color scheme of these cups as well as the cute little heart on the cup.  I plan on using these when I’m meeting up with people or when we have an event that we’re attending.  The bottom row is the Pumpkin Spice Everything set.  I plan on using this in the same way as the coffee cups, but during October and November aka Pumpkin Spice Season.

Next up is the grab bag.  Basically, this is a random set of 5 sheets that she throws together for you.  I thought that this would be a nice way to check out some of her other offerings.  The listing says that the order will add up to 5 full 8.5 x 11 pages, but it might not come as full pages.  You might end up with two half pages, for example, to make up one of the 5 pages.  My order ended up being 5 full sheets.

Sweet Ava Grab Bag 1

First up is this Thanksgiving set.  I like that most of the items on this sheet are non-specific Fall so I can use them anytime during the season.  That said, Thanksgiving isn’t one of my favorite holidays, and there’s no way I would use all of these stickers.  I like that it’s a large variety, but I also think I might be looking for a good home for some of these.  Luckily, I know a few people that might want to trade with me!  (Yes, I suckered some o my friends into the community too.)

Sweet Ava Samples 2 and 3

Samples 2 and 3 had less variety.  These sheets are a Laundry set and a Paw Print set.  I like the colors on the laundry set.  I’m a fan of how each part is one color with differing levels of fade.  I plan to use these to remind me when I need to wash sheets and towels.  I’m not sure what I’ll do with the hangers, though.  As for the paw prints, I plan on using them for when I need to schedule/drop off/pick up the dogs from the kennel, for vet appointments, and for heartworm and flea and tick reminders.  That said, I had already bought laundry and paw print sets from other shops.  However, those shops haven’t shipped yet, so I might see if I can drop or replace those items from my order.

Sweet Ava Sample 4

This is the “To _____” set.  There are 16 of the checklist boxes and 14 shopping cart stickers.  They’re fun, but they’re kind of huge (especially compared to the space in my planner.)  I’ll use them because I have them, but they aren’t something I would order again for myself.  I’m not sure what I’ll do with the shopping carts.  I guess I’ll put them on my Mondays since that’s when I grocery shop.

Sweet Ava Sample 5

This is the Hot Air Balloon Washi set.  These types of stickers are something I see often in videos, but hadn’t given a lot of thought to for myself.  I’m not sure which planner my set is specifically made for, but these are usually made to fit into a specific planner.  What’s kind of cool is that each of the patterns comes in a variety of sizes, so this sheet really has a ton of stickers on it.  I like the hot air balloon theme and think all of this is pretty cute.  I also think the colors on this sheet, in general, are great.

So that’s what just came in the mail.  Originally I made a video and was going to share that, but I was having difficulty getting it to edit.  I mostly just needed to cut off the end where I turned off the camera.  Oh well.  Better luck next time!

**A version of this post also appeared on my personal blog.


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