Lavender Cupcakes

I love lavender, and I love cooking with it.  I’ve been eyeing these lavender cupcakes for a while, but for some reason I haven’t gotten to them.  Finally I decided that any day is a good day for cupcakes and went for it.  For this recipe you will need:

  • Lavender
  • Butter
  • Sugar
  • Eggs
  • Flour
  • Milk

Check out the full recipe here, or my pin on my Just Desserts board.

Lavender Cupcakes


Most of the recipes I’ve tried with lavender say to strain out the lavender after doing something with it (like steeping in a mixture).  This recipe, though, leaves the lavender in it.  I kind of wish I had a food processor because it was actually pretty hard to cut those tiny buds without them going everywhere.  But in the end, I could see why the chopping and leaving was the best option-the lavender flavor was super strong in this recipe, which I liked because lavender usually feels more like an essence to me in most recipes.

I didn’t add food coloring to mine because I didn’t have any, and no one but my husband and I would see or eat them.  If I was making these for a party, though, I would add the coloring because it is a great visual.  Once the lavender is chopped, this recipe is pretty much like any other basic cupcake recipe.  It was easy to follow and there were no difficult techniques.  The same was true of the icing (which was a perfect complement to the cake).

Overall, I would totally make these again.  I think that this is a great recipe to “show off” a bit to your friends without having to actually put in more effort than your normal cake.  They’ll think you did something fancy, but really, you just chopped some lavender.


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