Iced Coffee

Back when I lived in Indiana, there would be a point in the school year when I would stop making hot coffee to take to work, and would buy an iced coffee instead.  I always tried to make iced coffee, but ended up with a watery mess.  Turns out, I didn’t know the secret.  For this you will need:

  • Coffee
  • Water
  • Large Container
  • A way to filter out grounds

iced coffee


Suddenly I get why I wasn’t having any success previously with my iced coffee.  It was always too watery because I wasn’t using a coffee concentrate to make it.  Making the concentrate was easy, but it does take a lot of grounds, so be prepared for that.  I ended up not using an entire pound of coffee simply because I knew I wouldn’t go through all that concentrate fast enough.  (I also knew I didn’t have a pourable container large enough to keep it in either.)  Instead, I cut the recipe down to 1/3.  If this didn’t work, I didn’t want to waste all that coffee.

Turns out I didn’t need to worry.  It turned out great!  When it came time to separate the liquid coffee gold from the grounds, I needed to be patient.  You really want to get all the coffee out that you can, so you need to be willing to work at getting all the liquid from the grounds.  I spent around 20 minutes total doing this.  I used a coffee filter in a strainer (to give it structure).  I also changed my filter 3 times to help get all the liquid out (so I wasn’t pushing through a mound of grounds).

The final product was tasty.  I made a mix of half coffee, half milk, and just a sprinkle of sugar.  Now that it’s hot, I can enjoy my coffee and the temperature.


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