Nerf Gun Mod

I’d like to start today by congratulating our Keep-Collective Giveaway winner”  Leslie B!  Ansley will be in touch with you!  Now, today’s post is a guide to taking a Nerf Gun and modding it for your needs.  The husband and I did this to a set as part of a birthday gift to a friend.  It was fun, and only a little trying.  There are lots of different ways to do this, and there are even forums for how to do different styles, so don’t consider this some sort of expert guide.  This was our first time and it was fun!


  • Nerf Guns
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Brushes of varying size
  • Rags
  • Protective Clear Coat

Nerf Gun Mod


  1. You can choose to take the gun apart, but we were concerned about our ability to put it back together, so we did not.  If you decide to take it apart, make sure to take pictures for yourself as reference when you put it back together.
  2. Decide on your color scheme.  We went with a gray for the barrel and trigger, light brown on the handle wrap, gold on all the parts that were originally black, and regular brown on the rest.  It’s easiest if you assign a new color to each current color, but not strictly necessary.
  3. Put on your first coat for the light colors first.  It will make you want to scream because it will start to pull away, or not cover well.  This is okay.  Put on a coat the best you can, and walk away.  I went for coverage and wasn’t especially careful about the fine lines and details.  That’s why I did the light colors first-the darker brown would cover any overlap when I used it.
  4. Put on coats of paint over and over again until you have the coverage you desire.  For me, this meant applying coats about every twenty minutes for several hours every night.  Your mileage may vary.
  5. Repeat this process with the dark brown, this time being more careful about those fine lines and distinctions.  Go back with a detail brush to clean up all those fine lines.  (I did this at the same time, alternating between two brushes as I worked.)
  6. Make sure all moving mechanisms (such as the trigger) are still working.
  7. Touch up as needed.
  8. Wet a rag and dip it into some black paint.  Rub the rag over the gun to give it the weathered/dirty look.  Repeat this until you are happy with the look.
  9. Clear coat the gun so the paint won’t chip and peel.
  10. Enjoy!

Like I said, there are a lot of different ways to do this.  I didn’t do any priming, but others do.  I used acrylics, but others use spray paint.  There are a lot of ways to get to the final product, but the goal is to have fun doing it, and to create a look that you’ve been imagining!  Enjoy!


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