If you follow me on Twitter, you probably saw that I had a problem with a haircut recently.  Basically, I decided to try out a local place only to end up with something I really didn’t like because the person cutting my hair didn’t cut my hair, but, rather, cut a cut they knew how to do.  That cut resulted in this:

Here’s what went wrong

  • I did ask for shampoo, and it was faster than I wash my own hair in the shower. Basically she just rubbed shampoo in my hair for about 30 seconds. I could feel it tangling because she wasn’t really using her fingers, but her palms.
  • The water was nearly too cold, like almost cold enough that I said something.
  • She never asked how I normally wear or part my hair-two important factors. Curly hair needs to be cut differently from straight hair because of how it lays. Your layers shouldn’t be a straight line like straight hair. Knowing whether or not I often straighten my hair would affect the cut. Also, knowing where the client parts is important to getting a cut that suits the overall style that they favor.
  • At no point in time was I asked to tilt my head, lift or lower my chin.
  • I asked for thinning, but I don’t think that happened. Usually a special pair of scissors are used for this, and she never switched scissors.
  • She never moved from behind me while cutting, nor did she swivel my chair.
  • The chair was never raised.
  • The entire “cut” took 10 minutes.
  • She decided to blow dry my hair without a diffuser and ran her fingers through it over and over again while doing so. (This makes curly hair very frizzy.)
  • She did not attempt any style at all when the cut was complete.
  • She never asked me to remove my glasses. I did it on my own when I realized she wouldn’t.
  • There was only one mirror, and it was one of those freestanding full length oval mirrors that you can spin/tilt. This was the only mirror offered to me to check my cut (no secondary mirror to see the back).
  • When she was “done,” she asked me to run my fingers through the hair and let her know how it “felt.”
  • She asked if I was willing to lose length in the back. I said I wanted to fix my layers that had grown out oddly, and knew I needed to lose a little length for that to happen, but didn’t want to lose a lot. She barely cut any of the longest layer and considered this fitting my request (even though it made the bottom layer oddly out of proportion with the rest).
  • She literally said nothing to me the entire haircut.

There were a million times I should have spoken up, but didn’t; so it’s my fault too. For my part, I just said it was all fine, paid, and left. I just wanted to get out of there.

However, I was able to get an appointment at a salon “in town” an hour away.

It’s not fully “fixed” at the moment. Because of how “wrong” the layers were cut, I’ll need several follow up trims to help with the “holes” that were left. But, overall, I am much happier with this than the first cut. The moral of this story? It could be “you get what you pay for,” but I think “you can never do too much research” also fits.


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