My First Quilt

One of the hobbies I recently picked up was quilting. I enjoy sewing, but have learned that clothing isn’t necessarily my forte (though that might just be because I need more practice).  My great-aunt was an amazing quilter-doing everything by hand.  She had a set number of quilts she would do in a year, and it was always filled as soon as she opened up bookings for the year.  She charged a pretty penny or her creations, and everyone who commissioned one thought it was money well spent.  So I guess it was inevitable that I would eventually give it a try.

ians quilt


I decided on a Craftsy course that taught beginning sewing methods.  When I signed up, the course was free, so it seemed like an excellent way to try quilting without too much investment.  I started with the mug rugs, because I had enough scraps from other projects to not need to purchase fabric.  I probably made about ten different mug rugs before I decided I was ready to try something big.

I know myself, I work better when I have a purpose, so I enlisted my brother as a client.  He gave me colors and helped me pick the fabrics.  It took me forever to complete because it was always a secondary project-something to work on while I was between other projects, but it is finally done.  I can see all the flaws in it, but I also have learned how to fix them or avoid them.

Would I do the course again?  Absolutely.  Not that I need to, but I found it very informative and helpful.  Plus, the “patterns” were super useful, and I can use them again any time I want.  Not all Cratsy courses are the same, so you might feel differently about others, but I really liked this one.  As for quilting?  I’m already practicing small scale in preparation for the next one.


5 thoughts on “My First Quilt

  1. I can’t believe that this is your fist quilt. Very impressive. I have been wanting to do one for several years but have been pretty intimidated to start for fear that it would be added to my closet of unfinished projects.

    • To be fair, I did a lot of small scale practice before I made this full sized quilt. I mailed a LOT of mug rugs to friends. I think the Craftsy tutorial was very informative (and at this moment is still free!). You should totally give it a try! Start small like I did to build your skills and confidence.

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