March Birchbox Review

I am so excited to review my March Birchbox.  This month totally made me feel pampered.  While not everything was a hit (it never is), I did have a ton of fun trying out each product this month.  The theme for March was creativity, and this month certainly inspired me to renew my subscription since April is my last gift box!  Let’s check it out.

March Birchbox

  1. Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser (full size:  $25.50):  This facial cleanser is two steps.  First you take the product and massage it into your skin.  Then you take the muslin cloth, soak it in hot water, and gently wipe off the cleanser.  At first I was skeptical.  How is a muslin cloth any different from my washcloth?  But it actually was.  I felt like I was polishing or buffing my skin.  Almost a gentle exfoliation without a “grit” feeling.  I spent two week alternating this and my usual cleanser, and I honestly didn’t see that much of a difference.  However, I had fun sampling this.  The hot cloth made me think that this is why men enjoy a hot shave.
  2. Roloxin Lift Revitalizing Facial Masque Treatment (full size:  set of 10, $110):  HOLY SMOKES.  This is the most expensive sample I’ve been sent to date.  And, they sent me two treatments.  That alone made this month’s box feel amazingly worth the $10.  Basically, you massage the packet before opening it to “activate” the ingredients.  Then you apply the masque to a clean, damp face and let dry for 7-10 minutes.  Then you wash it off.  Honestly I didn’t want to try this at first because I felt like I should save it for a special occasion.  According to the material, it reduces the look of wrinkles and pores, and lasts up to 24 hours.  I didn’t want to waste it on a day when no one would see me!  But, eventually I used it, reasoning that I needed to try it out so I could review it.  Besides, there were two.  I could absolutely save the second one for that special occasion.  In the past, I’ve had some issues with some face masques.  One memorable time in high school, my face was lobster red for hours after using one because I was allergic to the mango extract in it (which I had no idea about prior to this).  So, I prepared to be disappointed and….I wasn’t.  Oh my gosh.  I felt like I looked like a touched up photo of myself.  My skin was radiant and smooth. However, at that price, I could never justify this.  I might, though, go in with others to purchase a set before, say, a wedding.
  3. Jelly Pong Pong GLOW GETTER Highlighter (full size:  $14):  I am so glad there is a card that comes every month that gives a rundown of each product because I totally thought this was nail polish when I first opened it.  The bottle looks like a polish sample, and it even has the same lid/brush thing going on.  But, this is not nail polish.  Nope.  It’s a highlighter meant to give a pearlescent shimmer wherever applied.  In the past, I’ve had some issues with these types of products due to my pale skin.  Usually there’s too much bronzer in them and the application is a bit too noticeable.  That was not the case with this, though.  It actually adds just a soft shimmer that I can see making for an excellent “dewy” look when layered with a soft pink blush.  The application, in my opinion, is still odd, but the product is decent.  Will I buy this?  Probably not, but mostly because this sample will last me forever.
  4. Elite Therapeutics Rosemary Eucalyptus Body Creme (full size:  $19):  This smells AMAZING.  I’ve used this MANY times since this box came, and each time I put it on, I feel like I am at a spa.  The creme is super thick and does a great job hydrating skin.  My March seemed extra dry, but this helped a lot.  Once my current lotion runs out, this is absolutely in the running to be the replacement.
  5. It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-in Product (full size:  $18):  This is on of the few products I was actually familiar with prior to this sample.  That doesn’t normally happen for me.  I’ve seen my mom use this before.  I’ve got to say, that while this is a decent product, it really isn’t a 10 for me.  More like a 7.  I have other products I like more, so this one was a no for me.  However, I will keep using this sample until it runs out.

So that was March!  Another awesome Birchbox.  Think you want to try out Birchbox?  Use my referral code.  I can’t wait for my April box to get here!



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