February Darbysmart DIY Box

I am SO BEHIND on these boxes!  I feel like I never get to them until the next one is arriving at my doorstep.  So, here we are, end of March, and I am finally reviewing my February box.  To be fair, though, these boxes ship on the 17th and usually arrive at my door around the 23rd, so it really has been only a month.  Right?  Ugh, I’m trying to justify myself.  So sorry.

February Darbysmart Box


This month I got materials to take a platter like plate and add some stenciling to it.  The box contained the plate, two bottles of paint (turquoise and black), a foam brush, sticky stencils in the alphabet and some flower pattern, and some hot chocolate on a stick.  When I saw the hot chocolate, I was SUPER convinced that this was a food platter of some sort.  But when I went to the DIY directions, I found out it was actually meant to hold jewelry?  Odd.  Though, to be fair, I guess it can be whatever I want it to be.

Personally, I thought the flower and leaf patterns were ugly, so I stuck with the letters.  Since this project isn’t really the sort of thing I would keep, I decided to make it for my mother-in-law.  She had showed me something she wanted to make that was all about family, so I decided to put “friends” and “family” on the long sides of the platter and “fun” on the short sides.

The process was super simple.  Since the stencil letters were stick on, i just arranged them until I was happy with the placement, and then used the foam brush to apply the paint.  Once the paint was on, I removed the stencils and let dry.  I repeated this for each word.  (Dry time was only 3 or so minutes.)  When the brush went outside the stencil area, I used a Q-tip to clean up the errant paint, and that seemed to work pretty well.  Once all the lettering was done, into the oven it went.  30 minutes later I was done.

I think I would have enjoyed this project more if I had gotten the smaller, round dishes that were shown in the directions as those are something I might have kept and used.  I also wish the stencils had been a little more….interesting?  I’m not sure what the right word is here.  I guess I wish they had been more my style.  But, obviously they are someone’s style, so there’s that.

While everything was in the oven, I made my hot chocolate and drank it, thinking about how I now need to buy some bubble wrap so I can ship this to the MIL.  Was I excited about this project?  Not really.  I did like that this definitely felt like my money’s worth of product, though.


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