Key Lime Tarts

Last time I was at the grocery store, I needed two limes.  Of course my store couldn’t carry regular limes, all they had was a bag of key limes.  So, I picked them up and used a handful of them for whatever I was making.  But that didn’t use all of them, so I went hunting for a recipe.  Key lime tarts seemed like the perfect option for our increasingly awesome Spring weather.  For these tarts you will need:

  • Limes
  • Graham crackers
  • Sweetened, condensed milk
  • Butter
  • Sugar

For the full recipe click here.  Or, check out my pin on my Just Desserts board.

Key Lime Tarts


As usual, I halved the recipe.  This time, though, it was because I accidentally bought only one can of the condensed milk instead of two.  The recipe doesn’t actually say how many it makes (or I missed it), but the full batch will make 2 dozen, so I ended up with 1 dozen.  This recipe was very easy to follow, which is a good thing because I will totally be making these again (and a full batch at that).

These were quick and simple to make, and delicious.  There is tons of lime flavor in them, but they aren’t so tart it hurts.  These were a huge hit with my husband.  I also made a chocolate based dessert (which I’ll be writing up in a week or two), and this was the hands down favorite.  Without needing to ask, he told me he wouldn’t mind if I made these again.  Win!

These mini-pies are perfect for entertaining or just for you.  They won’t take up too much of your time, and they pack a flavorful punch.  Impress your friends and family by making these little treats!


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