Thin Mint Smoothie

Like most people I know, I love Girl Scout cookies, especially thin mints.  Last year I bought something like 10 boxes of them, storing them in my freezer to carefully dole out over the year.  So when I saw a smoothie that claimed to taste like a thin mint, I ran to the store so I could give it a try!  You will need:

  • mint
  • spinach
  • dark chocolate chips
  • milk

For a full list of ingredients and directions, check out the recipe here, or my pin on my Drinks on Me board.

thin mint smoothie


Let’s get straight to the point-does this taste like a thin mint?  No.  It does not.  However, it is fairly close, and it is an excellent chocolate and mint combo.  Honestly, even though it isn’t an exact, liquid replica, I would make this over and over again.  In fact, I am seriously considering putting in some mint in my herb garden this summer expressly for that reason.  It really is amazingly good.  I’ve only made it one more time, but that’s actually because my grocery store rarely carries mint (and then it’s kind of expensive).  Clearly this is another good reason to grow it myself.

This recipe calls for a LOT of spinach.  I was worried about that, but I shouldn’t have been.  Because you pack in so much mint, you cannot taste the spinach at all.  Would I make this again?  Absolutely!  I want to drink this every morning!  Time to put in that mint garden…..  If YOU have access to mint, what are you waiting for?  Make this today!


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