January DIY Darby Box Review

One of my biggest problems when crafting is not wanting to “waste” my materials on anything less than the best.  Somewhere my brain knows this is silly, but I still have difficulty committing.  So, when January’s DIY box came, I kept staring at it, wondering what the perfect design to carve would be.  And that’s why this review is coming so late. I spent so much time thinking and throwing out design ideas, that I didn’t actually finish this until my February box arrived at my door.  That was the final push I needed to do this!

january darby box


So what came in the January box?  It was full of materials to do a linoleum block print on tea towels.  The kit included two tea towels, a foam tray, a paint roller, black ink, a linoleum block (wood backed), and a carving tool set.  I’ve done a little bit of linoleum printing before, but I was super excited about having another crack at it.

It took forever,  but I finally decided on a herringbone design.  I’ve always enjoyed geometric shapes, and thought it would be a good design if I gifted the towels to someone.  Simple and inoffensive.  While I was much more impressed with this kit than December’s, I was a little dismayed when it finally became time to carve.  My block was REALLY hard, like, didn’t want to cut at all hard.  It took a lot of force to make the cuts.  I actually spread them over several passes several hours apart because it was hurting my hands so much.

I think my final project turned out just okay.  It isn’t the perfect final product I always want, but this is also literally the second time I have worked in this medium, so it’s not like I should be too hard on myself for not achieving perfection. I haven’t decided if I will keep or gift these yet, but I am super glad I made them.  I’m also excited to use the stamp again for some other purposes!


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