Blackberry Poppyseed Bread

Lemon poppy seed bread is one of my favorite things.  I love the smell and the mild lemon flavor.  I’d never made it before, so I was excited when I saw this recipe while looking for something else.  But I had used up the last of my lemons on salmon the night before.  I did, however, have some blackberries on hand, and an idea was formed.  For this you will need:

  • Flour
  • Sugar
  • Milk
  • Blackberries
  • Blackberry jam
  • Eggs
  • Butter

To see the recipe I altered, you can go here, or check out my pin on my Yum board.

Blackberry Poppyseed Bread


Let’s start off with what I changed.  The first change I encountered was the lemon zest.  I did not have anything to zest, so I just dumped around 5 or 6 blackberries into the sugar and rolled them around in it before I added in the butter.  The second change was whole wheat flour instead of white flour (because that’s what I had).  Next, I used vanilla Greek yogurt instead of the sour cream in the recipe.  This was partially that I had read elsewhere that Greek yogurt could be a sour cream substitute, and part I had yogurt and not sour cream in my refrigerator.  The final change I made was a teaspoon of blackberry jam each time I was supposed to add lemon juice.  I also opted not to make the glaze as I tend to prefer my lemon poppy seed bread without glaze.

Whew-that was a decent amount of changes.  Enough, in fact, that I wasn’t sure this was going to turn out at all.  (You might have also noticed that I don’t own a loaf pan so I used a 9×9 pyrex.)  But I need not have worried-this was excellent!  The blackberry flavor was subtle-enough to tell what it was, but also enough to make me think I would add some more blackberries to the sugar if I was to do this again.  It was sweet, but not overly so.  It cooked up just right in 45 minutes.

Would I make this again?  Maybe.  I might try a different fruit next time.  Maybe some orange poppy seed or cranberry poppy seed.  I feel more confident about making small changes to a recipe now that I’ve been successful once.


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