Garbage Disposal Refreshers

Sometimes my sink doesn’t smell totally fresh.  I clean it, but the smell is definitely coming from the disposal.  So, I set off to find a solution.  These refreshers took ingredients I already had in my house, so I decided to try them out, as I wanted a fresher smelling sink stat!  You will need:

  • Baking soda
  • Salt
  • Lemon
  • Dish soap

Check out the how-to here, or my pin on my Clean It Up board.

Garbage Disposal Refreshers


It’s really hard to mess up the steps while making these because there’s just so little to it.  That said, I’m not sure if I messed up or these just don’t do much.  First of all, I needed more dish soap than the directions called for because my “wet sand” would not stay together when I tried to scoop it into balls.  Adding more soap helped, but even when they dried they were fragile and two of them crumbled.

I didn’t have a small scoop like the directions called for, so I used a tablespoon to measure out my mounds.  I had to pack it in there tight to make it stay together, but not too tight or it would stick to my measuring spoon.  I let them dry overnight as directed, and immediately put one into my disposal the next morning.

And….nothing.  We turned on the water and disposal, and the refresher was so small it seemed to just glide right down.  I know that I didn’t make them too small according to the given directions, but they seemed too small to be useful.  I probably should have used my big ice cream scoop instead.  (I don’t know that balls that size would have stuck together, though.)  Using the tablespoon, I ended up with 13 refreshers, 2 of which crumbled the second I tried to put them in the jar.  (They got dumped into the disposal before the one complete one.)  If I had used the ice cream scoop, I probably would have only gotten about 4 balls.

So, did it work?  I honestly can’t smell a difference, so I’d say no.  However, I am not fully casting the idea to the side.  I think a slightly different ratio plus larger scoops might yield better results.  But as is?  Nope.  Didn’t work for me.  (Later I put some lemon slices down after having used them in my tea and I DID smell a difference for a little bit, so there is some hope.)


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