January Birchbox

I am three months into my subscription, and I am LOVING my Birchbox.  Even when an item is a “miss” for me, I still have fun trying out things I would never look at otherwise.  Sometimes an item isn’t right for me, but I didn’t know that until I tried it.  The sample sizes are always just right for me-enough to try the product several times, but not so much that it is a waste if I decide I don’t like it.

This month my box was addressed to “The Bold Constance.”  I love when people address things like that!  I opened it up, and immediately got to work playing with everything!  Here are my thoughts on this month’s items.

January Birchbox

  1. TOCCA Crema da Mano-Cleopatra (Full size:  $10-20):  This hand cream is super thick.  Like soaps, lotions can be a problem for me.  Many of them don’t absorb well and leave my hands feeling a bit itchy and uncomfortable.  However this lotion was much better.  It absorbed quickly with little greasy feeling.  My hands didn’t have an adverse reaction at all!  However, I also felt like the effects of the otion wore off somewhat quickly.  Applying often would be ideal.  This lotion has a light, grapefruit smell with a hint of something else.  That something else, according tot he card, is cucumber.  Whenever I put it on the scent put a smile on my face.  Will I buy this?  Maybe.  It’s one of the better lotions I’ve come across.
  2. Oribe Shampoo for Beautiful Color (Full size:  $39):  This is one of those products that made me realize the importance of multiple tries before making a decision.  The first time I tried this shampoo I HATED it.  It made my hair feel extra thick and tangled.  I conditioned twice after I used it.  But, the next time I got in the shower, I decided to give it another go.  The sample ended up having 4 uses for me (I have not quite shoulder length hair currently), and each time it got a little bit better.  I think my hair just needed to adjust to the product.  By the end I still knew it wasn’t the right product for me (my hair is not currently colored), but I didn’t hate it anymore.  And, that tangled mess feeling was gone by the final shampoo.  My hair still felt thick, but not tangled.  Another drawback for me was the smell.  It wasn’t  bad smell, it just wasn’t one of my preferred smells.  The best description I could come up with was a combination of grass and celery, but that’s not totally accurate either.  Like I said, not bad, but not my cup of tea either.
  3. Coastal Scents Revealed Eye Shadow Palette (in Latte) (Full size:  $19.95):  I’m not great with make-up, and I don’t wear it often.  Trying out make-up without a huge cost to sample was one of the reasons why I decided on a Birchbox subscription (though I am loving the non-make-up products WAY more).  So, I was excited to get some eye shadow to play with.  I like that the colors are already matched, as that is something I struggle with.  I also like that these colors play nice with the eye liner I received last month.  These colors are subtle and not too overwhelming, which I liked.  They went on well, and I didn’t feel like I needed to use a lot in order to get a nice color application.  Will I be purchasing?  Maybe, but not for a while.  Since I wear make-up so irregularly, this set will probably last me for quite a while.
  4. Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips (Full size:  $14.50):  Winter out here can be harsh on the skin.  It is already dry, but the cold and wind really do a number on my lips.  I was excited about a lip balm that was ultra hydrating.  This definitely delivers.  My lips felt nourished, and it helped relieve the chapped feeling.  However, this stuff went on thick and felt sticky like those lip glosses you apply with a wand.  I am not a fan of my lips feeling like they are going to stick to glasses when I drink.  The description said that it could also be applied to cuticles and elbows, so I gave that a try, but it didn’t absorb quick enough for me, so I wasn’t fond of that application.  Overall, I would use this occasionally as a supplement to my normal balm, but I don’t think I could do it on a more regular basis.  Besides, for that price, I can buy a lot of tube lip balm.
  5. MyChelle Dermaceuticals Advanced Argan Oil (Full size:  $14.50):  This oil is meant to help fight signs of aging as well as smooth the skin and hair.  I only tried this on my skin and not on my hair, so I don’t know if it does much in the hair.  However, it did seem to have some effect on my skin.  That said, it totally felt like oil being put on my skin and it smelled like olive oil, which isn’t one of my preferred scents.  My skin definitely felt greasy for a while after putting it on, which I was not a fan of.  However, it doesn’t take much for this to work.  It says t only use one to two drops, and the truly is all you need, so a full size bottle would last a decent amount of time.  The packaging it came in said that you could add the oil to cleansers or moisturizers, which totally helped the greasy feeling.  Once it was added to other products it didn’t feel as gross and the smell was lessened.  Will I be purchasing this?  Probably.  I think it would be a nice add in to products to really boost the fight against signs of aging.

Out of all my samples, only one of them would be going into my cart today (the Argan Oil), but, as always, I am happy to have sampled everything.  I am loving my subscription and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for February!

Are you thinking about checking out Birchbox?  Use my referral link!  At just $10  month, the mount of product sampling is a real steal!  Not convinced?  Check out my reviews from November and December.


3 thoughts on “January Birchbox

  1. I loved the Tocca lotion and the Dr. Lipps lip lube! They were probably some of the best items I got in my Birchboxes. I couldn’t stop rubbing my lips together after putting that lip balm on.

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