Sharpie Onsies

I have a small obsession with Sharpies.  For a while there I was buying them all the time and had a huge collection.  Over time I have slowly weeded out the dead ones and stopped myself from impulse buying more, but I always get excited when I see a craft that includes Sharpies in the supply list.  For this you will need:

  • Sharpies
  • Onsies (or other cotton items)
  • Rubbing Alcohol

Check out all the directions here, or my pin on my Crafts as Gifts board.

Sharpie Onsies


I started off on this project ALL WRONG.  In the video she explicitly states that some colors work better than others and it is important to test before you start your project.  So I ended up with some heartache when some of my inks didn’t bleed as well as others.  Basically Each onsie I used had a smattering of colors that did and did not work rendering each one un-giftable.

That said, she is absolutely right that this does work with colors that work.  I couldn’t get any pictures that really showed how well the ones that did work turned out, but that had more to do with my embarrassment over skipping that vital testing step than anything else.

One thing she doesn’t mention, but I think is worth noting is that you will probably get Sharpie all over your fingers while you are doing your initial coloring.  An easy solution to this would be to wear some plastic gloves.  Or don’t.  Just know that dyed fingers is likely to occur.

So while this time it didn’t turn out, I am excited to give it another go.  I also want to test this on paper and see if that has similar effects.  I see a lot of work in my Sharpies’ future!


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