December Darbysmart Box

Quite a while ago, Darbysmart was a company I got excited about.  It’s a craft supply and kit company.  You can look through their project gallery and have a kit sent straight to your house.  I loved that I could try out something I had never done before (such as stenciling), and everything I needed was right there in the kit!  Depending on the kit I selected, I could try something different for $20-$50 and decide if it was a crafting style I wanted to pursue.

Later, they came out with a subscription box.  It was (and continues to be) $19 a month, so I held off on it.  Then, in November, they had a Black Friday cyber sale and everything, including subscriptions, was 40% off.  I decided it was time to give it a shot.  And that’s how we ended up here.

Darby Smart Dec Box


My first box arrived in December and, well, honestly, I was underwhelmed.  I know that it was partially due to other issues I had (another order I had placed did not arrive in a timely manner), so I was already a bit annoyed with the company.  And then my box came, and I was ready to believe in them again.

Except when I opened it all I saw was some chunky white yarn and a small skein of thin green yarn.  I felt let down by just the contents.  I poked around in the box and thought, “but what am I supposed to do with it?”  Then I saw on the card that I needed to go to the website for a tutorial.

Except when I got to the site I needed a code, which should have been printed on my card but wasn’t.  So I had to email customer service and ask for the code.  Which they were prompt in replying to.  I had a code just an hour or two after I sent the email.

So what was I supposed to make?  A hand crochet scarf.  The website had a pictorial instruction set, but I honestly would have appreciated a video tutorial to go along with it.  I had no other ideas about what to do with the materials, so I went ahead and made the scarf.  The yarn is super nice and soft, and honestly this project seemed beneath it in quality.  (I will say that the super nice yarn is clearly where the money went for this month’s project.  I cannot stress enough how soft and cozy it is.)

I went on the website to see how others felt about this month’s project, and many of them were also disappointed.  It sounded like there had been a scarf in October too, and people didn’t like the repetition.  Customer service seemed interested in what people had to say and were asking questions about improving the box, so at least they were acknowledging that people seemed a bit let down and were trying to figure out how to improve.

I signed up for a 6 month subscription, so they still have 5 more months to wow me.  I am wondering if maybe a set “intro” box might have been a good idea, so that the first month is more likely to wow the new subscriber?  I’m not sure.  My January box should be shipping next week, and I am hoping for a little more oomph when I open it up.  If nothing else, getting mail continues to brighten my day.


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