Christmas Eve Traditions

Every Christmas eve my family opens one gift, and that gift is always pajamas.  Once we have all changed into out Christmas pjs, we all settle in for a night of movies and hot chocolate.  This is one of our few family traditions, and it is perfect because it combines all my favorite things:  staying in my pajamas, movie nights, and delicious hot beverages.  Maybe if we added a little pizza, that would make the night complete.  (Though I can’t complain too much, one of our other traditions is handmade ravioli which we will eat from Christmas to New Years.)

Do you have any holiday traditions?  What are your favorites?


2 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Traditions

  1. When I was a kid we always made a big Christmas breakfast after we were done opening presents, but that kind of died as we aged out of the household. Now one thing that Paul and I do is get a different picture frame ornament each year and put a photo of us with all the pets in it. We’ve had to get a little creative getting the picture since we now have three cats and two of them hate being held. 🙂

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