Soap in Love

I took off last week because I had big plans to revamp the site a little bit.  The current theme I’m using has a few quirks that aren’t working just like I want, so I planned on playing around, while also using my little bit of coding knowledge to perfect everything.

Obviously that didn’t happen.

Instead, the holiday made my week all sorts of strange, and instead of getting more done, I got less done.  I guess that’s just a thing that happens.  One thing I was able to do, though, was test out several soaps.  You’re probably wondering why someone would test out several soaps.  Well, my skin tends to have a reaction to most soaps (both bar and liquid).  It’s nothing terrible like a rash or hives, but it is annoying.  My skin is always left feeling sticky or waxy, and it feels like my pores can’t breathe. I’ve found soaps that are better than others, but none that actually leave my skin feeling, well, normal.

But last week, after trying four different soaps, I found a winner!

Sensitive Skin Unscented Beauty Bar

I had tried Dove before, but not the sensitive skin bar.  This has been the only soap I’ve come across in several years that leaves my skin feeling fine.  And the best part is that not only is this is way cheaper than most of the other soaps I’ve tried, but it also is something I can find at my local stores (which has not been the case for some of the soaps I’ve tried).  If you’ve had issues with soaps in the past, like I have, I strongly recommend giving this a try!


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