Fun Friday: Future Home

Right now the husband and I are renting.  We are not sure that we are going to stay in this town, and it has a terrible housing market.  In fact, the house we’re renting is owned by a woman who simply couldn’t sell it and now rents it to medical professionals that come to work at the clinic.

But, we used to own a house, and owning a house taught me a lot about what I do and do not want when we eventually find a place where we’d like to stay more permanently. Until then, though, we keep our belongings few (so they’re easier to move), and we own few pieces of furniture.  So, I occasionally scour Pinterest for items or features I’d like to include when we finally do own a home.  For example, I’m loving this:

Love the pull out!

I love the idea of under bead storage and the pull out nightstand.  (The styling here is very rustic home as well, which I like.)

What about you?  What do you want in your future home?  I love seeing people’s varied styles and home interests!


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