White Cheese Dip

A few weeks ago, the husband was gone for the weekend, so I decided to make food that I wanted, but knew he would normally not want to eat.  High on my list was a white cheese dip. I love when restaurants have chips, salsa, and cheese dip.  I always eat a ton of than before my meal and I never have regrets.  So, when I found this slow cooker recipe, I thought it was perfect for my husband free food weekend!  You will need:

  • White American cheese
  • Cream cheese
  • Green chilies

Check out the full recipe here, or my pin on my Yum board.



Well, things started off poorly when I found out that my grocery store doesn’t carry white American cheese.  I did my best to substitute, and found some Velveeta white queso cheese that I thought would work.  So, I have to say that my final result could very well be “off” because of this major substitution.

And “off” is the right word.  This dip was so close to tasting perfect, but it just didn’t. Something was off.  I would assume it was the lack of proper cheese.  If my store every decides to start carrying the appropriate cheese, I will definitely make this again, because it was so close to right.  I owe it to this recipe to try again.

If it does turn out, this would be great for a party.  You toss it all in the slow cooker and let it melt.  It takes very little time to prep, so it can cook while you focus on more difficult party recipes.  My parents have a three small crock pot cooker that they bust out for parties, and I can envision each being full of a delicious hot dip.  If the proper cheese makes the difference I think it will, this should totally end up in one of those pots at our next party.


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