Fun Friday: Greyhounds!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a “just for fun” post, and I thought Halloween was the perfect time to have one!  Today’s post is all about my favorite dog:  the greyhound!


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For the past five or so years, I have volunteered with a greyhound rescue organization.  It all started when we adopted our first greyhound.  I have asthma, and some dogs bother, but greyhounds don’t.  I’ve always loved big dogs, and the greyhound is one of the few “big” dogs whose fur I can handle.  They’re not exactly hypoallergenic, but they’re close.


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Getting involved with greyhounds was a fluke, really.  A friend from high school’s parents were involved in the organization, and after college she told me what her parents did, and opened my eyes to the world of track dogs.  I did some research and learned a lot about greyhounds and greyhound adoption.  I was sold.  I knew that once I owned a home, I wanted a greyhound in it.

lazy greyhound!

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When we finally adopted our first dog, it was a rough start.  Greyhounds are used to living with a lot of other dogs.  Cobalt (track name:  Killer Dragon) went from living with tons of dogs at the track, to living in a foster home that probably had five dogs total in it, to living alone with us all in the space of about a month.  The transition was hard for him (separation anxiety is no joke), and we struggled for several weeks before everything settled and he finally felt comfortable with us and our home.

Once we adopted, I started doing small things like volunteering to help run our auction.  Then we started fostering and babysitting foster dogs.  Eventually I started to edit the monthly newsletter.  We were hooked on greyhounds.


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When Cobalt passed, we were incredibly sad, but as I prepared to finally move to Arizona, I knew I wanted to adopt on last time from our awesome group.  I kept meeting dogs and sending the husband information about them until we were down to two dogs we liked.  I had them over to my house and we did a little Skype meeting between the dogs and the husband.  The dogs left, and we talked.  And then we decided we couldn’t decide (we each picked a different dog as our “final” choice), so we decided to adopt both.  And that is how we ended up in a crazy, cross country drive with two dogs I adopted the night before.


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Greyhounds are awesome pets.  They are easy to care for, they sleep a lot, they require little exercise.  A large number of them are good with kids, and many of them are good with other dogs.  Some of them have high prey drives and can’t live with cats, others belong in homes with other greys.  Each dog has it’s own personality, so you’re bound to find one that’s right for you and your situation.


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All of these pins and more can be found on my Greyhounds board.


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