Wooden Holiday Decorations

While I saw scoping out Pinterest for my next craft project, I came across several pins from the Etsy store Stick With Me Vinyls.  While looking at the products I was immediately struck with the idea that my mother-in-law would love something like this.  However, I prefer to make things on my own, so I immediately set out to determine a crafting process and see if I could recreate what I saw in the shop.

The products in the shop, first of all, are really well made.  I love the colors and the lettering.  But I could tell that the slick look came from vinyl, and that wasn’t an option for me.  I would need to figure out something different.  After consulting with my husband about the use of some power tools, I had a plan of attack.  If you want to try and recreate your own decorations, here is the process I followed.


  • 2x 4
  • Acrylic paints
  • Foam brushes
  • Black sharpies
  • Gloss spray sealant
  • Table saw
  • Hand router
  • Orbital Sander
  • Sandpaper

Wooden Decorations


  1. Start by measuring and cutting your wooden blocks.  I used the table saw for this.  I did try a miter saw as well as a Japanese handsaw, but, in the end, the table saw was faster and more precise.  I cut:  two 7 inch block, two 6 inch block, two 5 inch blocks, and one 2.5 inch x 7 inch block.
  2. Sand all the edges of the blocks.  I used the orbital sander for this.  I liked the speed of the hand sander over regular sandpaper.  I didn’t go for a super smooth block since I still wanted a bit of a rustic look.  Mostly I knocked off the roughness as well as the printing on the wood.
  3. Lay out your blocks and decide on a color pattern.  When laying out the blocks, it should go 7-6-5-5-6-7 with the 2.5×7 either resting on top of the two 5 inch blocks or below the two 5 inch blocks.  I picked a rotating set of three colors, with the 2.5 inch block being a fourth color.  I have a listing of all the colors I used at the end of the post.
  4. Paint the blocks.  I painted all the “Give Thanks” blocks, let them dry, then flipped them and painted the “Jingle Bells” blocks.  Once those sides were done, I decided I wanted all the edges to be painted instead of raw as well.
  5. Letter your blocks.  I used black sharpie to make my letters.  I started with a paint pen, but it dried out, and all I had left was sharpie.  I am much better with a pen than a paintbrush, so I stuck with the sharpie.  If you’re better with paint, by all means, paint the letters on.  I just mimicked the letters I saw in the picture.
  6. Rout the edges of the blocks.  I did this because I liked he rounded look.  Also, 2×4 will have at least one edge that is rounded over, and I wanted all the sides to match.
  7. Sand just the corners of each letter-square using a scrap of sandpaper.  I did this mostly for aesthetics.
  8. Wipe down all of the blocks with a wet cloth and let dry.  You don’t want any dust on them when you seal them.
  9. Seal the blocks using a gloss sealant.  I liked the shiny look of the vinyl, so I tried to get a little bit of that using a gloss spray sealant.  I also purchased the weatherproof sealant so my mother-in-law could put the decorations outside if she wanted to.
  10. Once it is all dry, admire your handiwork and mail it off!

wooden final

My products

Give Thanks Colors:  Craftsmart-Orange Spice, Craftsmart-White, Craftsmart-Pure Pumpkin, FolkArt-Bark Brown

Jingle Bells Colors:  Craftsmart-White, Craftsmart-Holiday Red, Craftsmart-Lush Foliage, FolkArt-Metallic Gold

Side Color:  FolkArt-Coffee Latte

Think Spring Colors:  Craftsmart-Green, Craftsmart-Pink Chiffon, Craftsmart-Sage Green, Craftsmart-Robin’s Egg Blue

Summer Lovin’ Colors:  Craftsmart-Coral Reef, Craftsmart-Ocean Breeze, Craftsmart-Turquoise, Craftsmart-Robin’s Egg Blue

Side Color:  Craftsmart-Khaki

Sealant: Varathane Spar Urethane Outdoor Water Based Gloss (Crystal Clear)


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