Product Review: Caffeinator Stick

When I was in Indiana, I had the chance to attend a Posh Party-something I had never heard of before.  Perfectly Posh is a skin care product company with a lot of interesting products.  One of my favorite things about their products is that in the back of  the catalogue there is a list of all the ingredients in every product.  My skin has a small sensitivity to products with glycerin in them, so it was nice that I could look through the ingredients to see which products had low to no glycerin.

I picked up two products at the party, one of which was the Caffeinator Stick.  I was excited about this product because I seem to have permanent bags under my eyes.  As someone who rarely wears make-up, a little pick-me-up in stick form seemed like a product I could get behind.  I’ve spent the last month testing and documenting my experience with the product, and today I am ready to share the tests with you!

Test 1:  60 minutes

For my first test, I applied the stick first thing in the morning, then took pictures every five minutes for a full hour.  I was really excited about this test, so you’ll see that I haven’t even brushed my hair!  In my photo montage below, you can see the “before” picture both at the very start, and at the very end (next to the 60 minute picture).

Caffinator Stick One Hour

The “before” picture is a little lighter because of the lighting in my bathroom.  Sorry!  I didn’t edit the pictures (except to crop them), so the lighting is what it is.  Looking at the “before” next to the “60 min,” I think you can see that the circles are less pronounced.  They are still there, but they are not as deep, nor as baggy as they were before I applied the stick.

Test 2:  21 Days

For the second test, I was going to take a picture every week for one month of use.  Unfortunately, I only made it to Day 21 because on Day 24 I ended up in the hospital, and that meant no stick and no pictures.  That said, I think that three weeks gives us some material to work with.

21 days Caffinator Stick

Once again the pictures are a little bit off, color wise, but by the end of the month I needed more than the natural light in my bathroom since the days were getting shorter.  I think that, again, you can see that over time the bags are a little less pronounced and not as deep as they were before I started.  (And yes, I understand the angles are all different.  I was really mad at myself when I realized I had done that.)  You might notice that the overall puffiness of my eyes seems to diminish a bit.  That is not light or angle trick, it really did go down some.

Overall Review

So, what do I think of this product?  I like it.  You can’t tell from the pictures (I don’t think), but the skin under my eyes feels both more firm and more supple.  The bags under my eyes have reduced slightly in the month that I have been using the stick, and I think there is an “instant” boost on the day of use.  I know that other factors might be in effect here such as sleep patterns and diet, but I tried to be as consistent as possible with those during the testing.  (Who can control just how well they sleep at night, though?  If I could do that, I wouldn’t need a magic stick!)  One drawback is that the stick is a bit large diameter wise.  I wish it was a little smaller so I could get into the crease where the eye meets the nose a little better.  While I cannot comment on how long the stick lasts yet, I don’t feel like I am “running out” after just one month of use.  I expect another month or two out of the stick.  At just $12, I feel like that is a good return on investment.

Bottom line:  Would I suggest this product?  Yes.  Pick it up, and give it a try.  Even if it doesn’t turn out for you, you won’t feel like you’ve wasted money trying it.


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