I have a sweet tooth.  I love pretty much every dessert I’ve ever tried.  I know this about myself, and I also know that I shouldn’t eat every dessert I come in contact with, so I try really hard not to make or keep many desserts in the house.  But sometimes I just need a cookie.  So I found myself raiding my cabinets trying to figure out just what I could make without going to the store.  And that’s when it hit me:  snickerdoodles.  For this recipe you will need:

  • Flour
  • Sugar
  • Cinnamon
  • Cream of tartar
  • Egg
  • Butter

Check out the original recipe here, or my pin on my Just Desserts board.



This dough did not come together like I anticipated.  It was very crumbly, and I expected something much softer and easier to roll into a ball.  It honestly felt like there was a liquid ingredient missing.  I scanned the pictures and comments looking for something I had left out, but didn’t see anyone else with this problem.  That isn’t to say I was unable to make cookies, just that it felt “off” during the cooking process.

As for the final product, the cookies were good but not great.  For me, personally, there was a little too much cream of tartar.  I would have cut that by as much as half.  I also just didn’t get the super soft cookie that I was hoping for.  I certainly ate the cookies, but I think that was more about me wanting cookies than really enjoying the cookies.  I honestly think I simply missed something because so many other people seem to have had great success with this recipe.  If you decide to check it out, let me know what your results are.  I am very interested in how these cookies turn out for other people.

Will I be making these again?  No.  They just weren’t my cup of tea, which is really a shame because I love snickerdoodles.  I guess I’m still on the hunt for a good recipe.


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