Quick and Easy Dog Toy

I have a dog that loves fabric and pulling things apart.  He will pull Kleenex out of the garbage and enjoy ripping it to shreds, throwing the pieces everywhere.  Once, I found him playing with some Velcro on shoes.  He was very gingerly pulling the strips of Velcro apart.  So, when he ramped up this behavior last week, I knew it was time to take some sort of action.

This week’s project I know I saw somewhere, but it wasn’t something I pinned.  It was one of those things you say, “Oh, that’s a cool idea,” and then carry on.  I saw it so long ago, that it was when my first dog, Cobalt, was still alive.  Cobalt was not a rip-things-apart kind of dog, so while the idea was cool, it wasn’t useful to me.  That means, unfortunately, that I do not have any links for you today.  If you know of an original source for this project, let me know, and I’ll link it.

For this project you will need:

  • A dog toy ball with holes in it
  • Scrap fabric
  • Scissors

Dog Toy


  1. Take your scrap fabric and cut it into strips of varying size and length.  I cut more than I needed so I would have some replacement strips when they got lost or just needed to be tossed.
  2. Stuff your strips into the holes in the ball, leaving some sticking out.
  3. That’s it!  Share your improved toy with your furry friend!


This project cost around $10 for the ball toy.  I already had the scrap fabric, so there was no cost in that for me.  Cutting up an old t-shirt would be a way to keep your cost down as well.  I used a variety of fabric types, but that was mostly because that’s what was in my scrap fabric bag.

Right away the dogs had fun with it.  I was surprised to see my other dog have so much fun with it too.  Once all the strips are pulled out, you just stuff them back in.  This morning I’ve re-stuffed the ball three times, which is a lot of play for a lazy greyhound!   I think this project is a success.


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