Butterbeer Latte

I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan.  When the final two books came out, I was working at a bookstore and we did midnight release parties.  Each of them rank very high on my all-time favorite work experiences. Once, when my husband was gone for the weekend, I marathoned through all eight movies.  So, obviously, when I saw this recipe for a Butterbeer latte, I had to give it a try!  You will need:

  • Milk
  • Butter
  • Brown Sugar
  • Cinnamon

Check out the full recipe and ingredients list here, or see my pin on my Drinks On Me board.

butterbeer latte


This drink is full of things that I shouldn’t be eating any more, but I simply had to try this out. The flavor is amazing!  I loved this latte.  I also like that there are variations on the recipe to add coffee as well as how to order this at Starbucks.

One of the things that I found a little difficult with this recipe is the initial sugar and butter step.  Because the amounts are so small, you really need to keep an eye on everything so it doesn’t burn.  I think an excellent solution to this would be to have a friend over and make Butterbeer lattés for two!  That will increase the butter and sugar and make it a little less likely to burn quickly.  Also, you could use a smaller saucepan, but make sure that the saucepan is still large enough to hold the milk when you add it.

I LOVED this recipe.  I think that I will try it again with my soy milk and see how it turns out.  That won’t take care of the butter in the recipe, but it’s a change toward being better for my low cholesterol diet.  If you like Harry Potter, this is a recipe you HAVE to check out.


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