A few posts ago I talked about making a rag quilt for my mom to give to one of her friends.  Well, she asked me for a second project as well.  Sadly, sometimes projects don’t go as well as you had hoped, and this was one of those projects in a major way.  Perhaps you are more adventurous than me, and you’ll want to know what you need for this baby sleeping bag project.

  • Two matching fabrics
  • Sewing machine
  • Buttons
  • Snaps
  • Binding
  • Batting

You can check out the original directions here, or my pin on my Crafts as Gifts board (even though I thought long and hard about deleting the pin).

never again


Obviously I didn’t love this project at all.  My main problem came from the published directions. I consider myself a novice at sewing.  I am mostly self taught, and usually look for projects that are appropriate for beginners.  I spent a lot of time reading, sewing, seam ripping, re-reading, re-sewing, and seam ripping yet again.  I got very frustrated at my inability to understand exactly what I needed to do.  I even asked my husband to look over it with me with fresh eyes, but he, too, was unclear about what I was supposed to do.  Eventually I ended up making several miniature versions of the bag until I figured out which interpretation was the correct interpretation. I really feel like I shouldn’t have had to do this, but maybe it was also my novice eyes not reading correctly.  I’m not totally sure.

When I finally finished the project, I was annoyed by what it looked like.  The bottom “point” of the sleeping bag simply gets folded under.  Considering I had to sew buttons and snaps on the front of the bag, it seemed like a silly idea not to put one on the back to keep that point tucked back.  I also wasn’t sure that the final product was all that functional.  It seemed like something that might be cute for a photo session, but ultimately something that a parent would see as clutter instead of useful.  This is not a project I will be repeating.


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