Fun Post: Welcome to Nightvale

Over the past few (okay, five) days, I have been sick.  It’s been annoying and miserable, but, luckily, it was also a chance to catch up on one of my favorite podcasts:  Welcome to Nightvale.  Haven’t heard of it?  Well, let me tell you about it, then!

Welcome to Nightvale is a fictional community radio show.  It is set in the town of, you guessed it, Nightvale Just what is Nightvale?

Welcome to Night Vale

Cecil, the show’s host, discusses all sorts of things about Nightvale, like any good community show should.  However, as you might have guessed, Nightvale is not your normal town.  Nightvale is the sort of town where things that we might feel are strange, extraordinary, or just plain creepy are considered normal and every day.  Take, for instance, the station’s pet cat.

Welcome to Night Vale


The story often has horror elements to it.  Take street cleaning day.  In Nightvale, street cleaning day is terrifying.

Street Cleaning Day advice

Nightvale is also full of sound advicePerhaps this is because so much of their lives are filled with strange things that shouldn’t be discussed and are often deadly.

Welcome to Nightvale

So, if you haven’t had a chance to check out this awesome podcast, be sure to do so.  Check out their website for the different ways you can listen.


The first link before each picture is the source, the second link is my pin on my Don’t Judge Me board.


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