Pinterest Pet Peeve

So, today I had plans to share with you a 4 ingredient crock pot recipe that turned out much better than I had anticipated.  Obviously, that is not what I am doing.  For my pet peeve to make sense, I need to explain a little bit about my process.

When I find new pins that I want to try and think might be good for the blog, I put them onto a secret board.  When I have tried them (good or bad), they get moved to the appropriate public board.  This allows me to keep track of what I have and have not tried yet.  Also, I tend to spend a few hours one or two days a week populating my secret board, and this keeps me from overwhelming people with all those pins at once.  It’s a system that makes sense for me.

One of the first things I do when I write a post is open the pin, move it, and open the original source.  Today, though, I wasn’t able to do that.  My pin had been blocked.  When I tried to click on the pin, Pinterest refused to take me to the original post.  “Oh well,” I thought to myself.  “I’ll just move the pin to the appropriate board, and then I will explain that the link is broken, but still try to find the original source so I can link to that as well.”  Turns out I can’t do that either.  Pinterest won’t allow me to move the pin to a public board.  And, you can’t “send” pins from secret boards, so I couldn’t even send it to, say, my mom, and have her send it back to me so I could use it.

What bothers me the most about this is that it isn’t spam or inappropriate or full of viruses.  The link is fine (I did find it).  But I have no way to be like, “Hey Pinterest, actually this link is totally cool!” So that’s my rant for today.  I put in about half an hour preparing the pictures and writing some prelim notes for the post, and all that was wasted because I can’t actually use the pin.  (Insert sad trombone sound here.). I guess I should be happy that I didn’t waste more time than that.


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