Infinity Scarf

First of all, I would like to apologize for not having a post go up on Friday.  Normally I write my posts the night before or the morning of posting.  We ended up with a bit of a family emergency at the end of last week, and I totally forgot about the post I had planned until Saturday night.

Onward to today’s post!

One thing I’ve been wanting to do is make my own scarves.  I love scarves, so when I saw today’s pin about making your own infinity scarf, I had to five it a try!  The entire project is perfect for a novice, and it only took me about 15 minutes!  Score!  For this project, you will need:

  • 2 fat squares
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors

This project is super simple!  Check out the original tutorial, or my pin on my Sew Many Possibilities board.

infinity scarf


First of all, I need to talk about the changes I made.  For one, I did not put batting into my scarf.  I wanted it to be super light since living in the desert means a long warm season.  I wanted this to be something I could wear during all those warm months.  Secondly, since I didn’t put batting in, I also didn’t do any sort of quilting to the scarf either.  I think these changes were perfectly fine and better matched what I wanted out of the scarf both for practicality and for aesthetics.

The tutorial was pretty easy to follow.  I got a little confused when I was joining the two short ends together, but then I realized I wasn’t turning the whole scarf right side out, but rather pulling it “half way” so I could line up the short ends.  Also, since I didn’t have batting in my scarf, I was able to use a much smaller “pull through” hole on the long side seam.  Instead of 8 inches, I did about 3.

I love the look of my final scarf.  My only complaint is that it is a little stiff.  I’ve seen a few tutorials on making t-shirts softer, so I might give that a try.  I love that fat quarters are fairly inexpensive, and they allow for lots of customization.  I plan on making more of these scarves, and maybe even giving them as gifts.  I have some other (non fat quarter) fabric that I think I will try it with as well. They are just so easy and you feel pretty accomplished when you are done!


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