Blueberry Lemon Donuts

Last week blueberries were on sale, and I made blueberry streusel.  That didn’t use all my blueberries, so I looked for another blueberry recipe and settled on Blueberry Lemon Donuts.  One of my favorite flavor combinations is blueberry and lemon, so I was excited about this recipe.  Here’s what you will need:

  • flour
  • sugar
  • lemon
  • blueberries

Obviously there is more than just this, so check out the original recipe, or my pin on my Breakfast board.

Blueberry Lemon Donut


First of all, you probably noticed from the pictures, I don’t own a donut pan. I’ve made donuts in my muffin tin before, so I knew that this was an acceptable alternative to the donut pan.  I guess it means that I didn’t really make donuts, but rather used donut dough for muffin purposes.  That said, I don’t think it changed the flavor.  I should also say that I did not use Splenda, as indicated, but just regular sugar.

One thing that I didn’t like about this recipe is that it mentioned honey in the ingredient list, which I measured out, but the recipe didn’t mention it at all. I just assumed that I was to add it when I added all the other ingredients to the flour.  I’m not sure if the honey was not supposed to be added, or was simply forgotten in the directions.  I think the flavors were fine, so I assume the honey is intentional.

I was surprised that the dough was truly a dough and not a batter. This isn’t bad, but I was expecting something that was more pour-able.  The dough was stiff enough that putting the blueberries into the dough resulted in some resistance and some “popped” blueberries.

Overall, the flavors were just fine. I love blueberry and lemon, and both were well represented but my love of this combo might have clouded my overall opinion. I did not make the glaze, and I think that was a good choice. I think that the glaze would have meant too much lemon flavor. I probably won’t make this again, but I’m not sad that I made this either.  We ate all of them within a week, so they couldn’t have been that bad.


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