Super Simple Headband

Today’s post was supposed to be all about a variety of headbands that are easy to make.  Unfortunately, I broke my sewing machine needle on the first sewn headband, and I need to wait until we go “into town” to buy a replacement.  Luckily for you, I still have one no-sew headband and a giveaway!

This had to have been the absolute easiest thing I have ever made.  It’s simple and turns out super cute.  Let’s start by checking out the original post, or my pin on my Crafts as Gifts board.  Following her instructions you will need:

  • elastic
  • scissors
  • felt
  • glue gun

I ended up not using the felt because I had some flowers left over from another project that I decided to use. I have made felt flowers before, though, and they are super easy-especially if you follow her directions.

headband process

All you have to do is cut the elastic (just guesstimate by wrapping it around your head), glue the ends together (making sure there are no twists), and glue your flower over the seam!  Seriously! That’s it! I waited longer for the glue gun to heat up than I did actually making the headbands!  I wished I had more elastic because it was so fun and simple!



How would you like the two headbands I made, plus a goodie bag of materials to make your own?  All you have to do is comment on this post, and tell me either who you want to make/give the headbands to, or where you want to wear them!  If we already have a mode of contact (email, Facebook, Twitter), then you’re done!  If not, leave me an email address so I can get in touch if you win!  The winner will be randomly selected on Monday, June 30th at 5PM Arizona time.



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