21 Day Boot Camp

When you go away to college, you get warned about the “freshman 15.” I find this interesting because it is mostly linked to dining halls and poor nutrition, but for a lot of women, the college years are a time when your body naturally goes through some changes.  Hips widening and putting on a little weight is actually something that happens to a lot of women because of normal biology. For me, the freshman 15 didn’t happen.  I did gain the weight, but it was much more gradual than just one year.  Plus I had taken up dance, and that helped modulate some of the effects that might have happened.

For me, actually, the biggest body changes came my third year of teaching.  By then I was a lot more relaxed about my profession, and wasn’t constantly running about the room out of anxiety.  I knew how to set my class up so that kids could be successful with me as a resource. I found myself sitting more in the classroom as well as sitting in the car as I commuted 45 minutes to and from work each day.  I worked out, but not every day.  My body really started changing.  My BMI said that I was overweight.  At that time I was insulted as I was still fairly muscular, which makes most short people have a high BMI. My doctor at the time was having none of it.  I needed to lose weight.

I tried all sorts of things-food diaries, working out every day, dieting.  It worked some.  I was healthy, so I didn’t care much that the weight wasn’t really coming off.  So, between the ages of 18 and 28 I had gained 35 pounds. My doctor chided me for not being the same weight as 18.  I found a new doctor.

Working out isn’t actually something I like.  I like taking dance classes.  I like hiking.  I also like eating food.  Something had to give.  I needed to make working out a habit.

You guys, I still haven’t.  For a few months, I was good because I was going to Zumba 3-5 times a week with the greyhound ladies.  I could feel my body being healthier and happier.  Then the horrible winter came and that kind of did me in.  I didn’t go as frequently.  Classes were being cancelled because of weather.  And then the house sold and there was all sorts of random little things to do.  And then I landed in a town of 10,000 people with not a lot to do.  The nearest city with fitness classes is an hour away.  I don’t have an income to pay for classes.

So, off to Pinterest, then.

It all started with this video.

I pinned this to my Let’s Get Physical board, faithfully wrote down the workout, then ignored it for about two weeks.  Self-motivation is something I am still working on.

Then I decided to check out the YouTube Channel, and I saw the 21 Day Boot Camp.  I got some people together on Facebook to do it with me, and promptly started posting the videos.


Here’s the thing, I have realized that group classes work best for me.  I need people to motivate me and I need the structure of a schedule.  I had hoped that doing the Facebook group would help me with this.  I was only marginally right.  As of right now, the group is on day 14.  I have only completed 8 days.  I will say, though, that for the most part I really like the workouts.  I need to get some weights (the husband only has 15lb kettle bells and that’s a bit too much for me at the moment.  I need something more like 5-10 depending on the exercise). I like that the videos are short enough to fit into your day no matter what, and that you can simply repeat the video for a longer work out.

I did not like the video for day 5.  I hated that guy.  I hated how it was a different set up than the other work outs had been.  I actually turned the video off and moved on to the next video.  I really, really want to like this and stick with it, but it’s just not the group class environment that I seem to need.  That said, I will probably start this over and try again.  I’ve been trying to put more routine into my days, so perhaps if I “schedule” a time every day that I work out, this can work for me.  I’m giving consideration to some other options.  (There’s a work out studio back in IN that does online classes.  I might scrounge up some money and see if that works better for me as it really is classes taught in studio that you can stream online.). I know what needs to happen, but making it happen is a separate issue.

It all comes down to motivation.  I have been able to make myself write every day.  I have been writing everyday for the last 475 days.  Why can’t I make working out the same?  Do you have these problems?  What do you do to work out?  How do you motivate yourself?


4 thoughts on “21 Day Boot Camp

  1. Usually I work out with our exercise bike. For me it really has come down to scheduling time for it. Especially when I was busier that was the first thing to get cut, unfortunately. One thing that helps keep me motivated is to find the time when it is least onerous. I workout in the morning, before I shower so I don’t have to shower twice. I use my ipad to watch Netflix because I find exercising really boring. I also set a mile goal instead of time because then I can push myself to go fast and get it done quicker!

    • I prefer to work out into he morning too. It’s a terrible idea for curly hair to go to bed wet. I used to have an elliptical, but I gave it to my parents and it didn’t make the move. I kinda wish I had it still.

  2. Its not enough for me to just work out – I have to have some larger goal in mind besides “getting in shape”. For example – I might be training for a specific event, like a half marathon. However, I know even that isn’t enough. I have to be training for a half marathon to get a certain time. It also helps that when I ran a half-marathon, I paid an entrance fee, so if I didn’t train/didn’t achieve my goal, I would not only disappoint myself, but I wasted money, too.

    Another thing I do is set micro-goals for each workout. For example, I just started olympic style weightlifting. My overall goal is to be able to lift my own bodyweight in the two main lifts. I know this will take a long time to achieve, so to not let myself down/lose momentum, I set goals for each week/workout. Ex: I’ll set a goal to hit an extra rep on a particular set, or to have perfect form for 2 reps in a row (I usually mess that up). I then reward myself in ways that are still constructive. Example, if I plan on buying something that is not an immediate necessity, I will post-pone that purchase until I hit a pre-defined amount of goals. Recently, I put off buying a new pair of shorts until I hit my fitness micro-goals for 2 weeks straight.

    • I like the micro goal idea. I need to give that a try. I really need to find a place that I can take classes or something, because I really seem to be floundering trying to work out at home on my own.

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