Oven Cleaning

When the husband and I were apart while I tried to sell our house, we had to split up the things that were necessary for normal household tasks such as cooking.  The husband assured me that he would be fine with all of his camping cookware, and left nearly all of the kitchen items with me.  As a result, he rarely used the oven before I moved.  And, of course, once I started using the oven, things started spilling in the oven.  Pinterest to the rescue!  There was a simple oven cleaning process that used items I already had at home.  All I needed was:

  • Baking soda
  • Dawn dishsoap
  • Water
  • A brush to apply the mixture

The directions were simple.  You can find the directions here, or you can check out my pin on my Clean it Up board.

Oven Cleaning


My oven had really just one area that was clearly a bunch of baked on and burnt something.  (Fun fact:  I realized I needed to clean the oven when I set it to preheat, let the dogs outside, and came back in to a house filled with smoke billowing out of the oven.)  I let the mixture sit for about three hours.  That’s all I could do since I needed to use the oven that night for dinner, and if this didn’t work, I needed time to do something else.

Overall, it did a nice job of dealing with all the grease, but the baked on stuff was still mostly there, even after I scrubbed very hard.  I ended up having to use a razor blade to scrape off the burnt on mess.  Once I started the process of washing off the mixture, I spent about another hour working on the oven.  I didn’t get all of the burnt stuff, but most of it came off.  (If you look at the “clean” picture closely, I think you cans see what I mean.) Would I use this again?  Maybe.  If my oven was mostly full of grease splatter, then yes, this solution worked very well for that.  If I ever have a smoky mess again?  Probably not.  I’ll go straight for the razor blade and get to work.

Also, the first several times I used the oven after this, I could smell something.  It’s hard to place if the smell was the burnt bits still burning or the little baking soda residue.  The smell did go away after the first several uses.


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