Welcome to The Pinterest Wife.  You can learn all about me, my dogs, and my house by checking out the “about” pages.


Being a stay-at-home wife is bewildering and strange and not really what I expected to happen with my life.  I’ve been given this amazing opportunity of time, but just how to use it is a bit of a struggle.  I am used to a very rigid structure, and staying at home really doesn’t provide that.  In the classroom, even when I could go to the bathroom was part of a strict schedule.  There was always pressure to grade papers overnight, to perfect lesson plans over the weekend, to attend a series of never-ending meetings.  At home there is none of that.  I’d be lying of I said that it didn’t mean that I was often much lazier than I thought I should be.  So, now is the time to learn to self-motivate when there is no need for deadlines, actually make sure the house is clean, cook that crazy meal I’ve been wanting to try, and, if I could ever find the dang things, make something out of a pallet. Join me as I journey from being a full-time career woman to a woman the gift of time to try and follow my dreams.


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